Appendix Combo Suede

Appendix Combo Suede

Appendix Combo Suede

Brand:Spetz Gear
Product Code:Appendix Combo Suede
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The Appendix Combo is made out of the highest quality Kydex of 0.80 thickness. The thickness of the Kydex gives the user more comfortable to wear when standing, walking, or sitting down, allowing it to be positioned in extreme high concealment.

The holster features an extra magazine for use in quick reloading. The clip ts onto belts from 1.5 in. to 1.75 in.. This product is worn by LAPD SIS Units and other surveillance units from agencies around the world.

The Appendix Combo Suede is an option that was created to be more comfortable concealed carry holster for the user, reducing the discomfort of a hard plastic when carrying high concealment.


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